Xilin Dang

I am a senior student at Jinan University(暨南大学), where I major in Computer Science and Technology. I am working with and advised by Prof. Wang Ke on CNN interpretability. My research interest is Computer Vision and Multi-modal Machine Learning.

At Jinan Univerisity, I've studied ACM-ICPC, advised by Prof. Zhen Zhang. I've received the Bronze Medal in Jinan Site and the Silver Medal in CCPC girls. I've been an outstanding student at Jinan University and received a National Scholarship in 2021.

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I'm interested in computer vision, machine learning, and multi-modal machine learning. I am proposing a research career in artificial intelligence now.

A Defense Method based on Attention Mechanism against Traffic Sign Adversarial Samples
Hailiang Li, Bin Zhang a, Yu Zhang,
Xilin Dang, Yuwei Han, Linfeng Wei, Yijun Mao

Inspired by the principle of human vision, this paper proposes a defense method based on an attentional mechanism for traffic sign adversarial samples.