nodejs installed
npm and cnpm installed
blog built
while had some trouble:
my blog cannot be resolved correctly in the network nearby.
i consider my blog being blocked.
seniors taught me that this dues to some kind of popution related to DNS poduced by those telecommunications operators.
i may try to bind and back up the domain name to avoid being blocked.
if this doesnt work, i am out of luck :(

then i turn on cname mode, it seems that i can now open my website in my area
in some other areas, however, the trouble still exists

i bought a dns resolver but things didnt change.
now i think the reasons why my blog cannot be displayed normally are:
(1) there is “github” keyword in my original domain name. (domain name blocked)
(2) the github pages server locates in United State. (server blocked)
therefore, even though i changed the domain name to let my blog can be viewed at home,
it is stilled blocked in many places of China.

so now i consider to copy my blog from github pages to ZEIT (Vercel).


changed the theme to archer
modified the header and avatar
when tried to change the theme color, some errors came out:

“cnpm install” cannot install some important module,
therefore while running “cnpm run build”, there are somethings went wrong


tried this:
$ npm cache clean --force
$ rm -rf node_modules package-lock.json
npm install
i came to this:


trying to deploy the blog in ZEIT (Vercel) …

the pages are loading faster, and my friends in different areas can access to my blog since now.
everything seems fine.
now trying to deploy the updates…
my blog trip finally begins now.


mathjax installed.


the reason why i cannot do secondary development is that the version of nodejs is too advanced while some scripts dont match.

i think the theme uses a very old version of deployment package therefore i change my theme.

now my blog is running at Minos theme.

Wisdom of words


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